Avila Hotel

80% love it
The Queen stays here!
The Avila is so fabulous that whenever the Dutch Queen comes to Curaao her room's ready. The Avila is all about timeless elegance. Be sure too book a room in the new Octagon Wing or the Mansion House where you get a whiff of sweet hibiscus and trintaria and indulge in total coastal sanctuary.


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    • martingovert
      martingovert Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Avila the place we want to forget
      booked a week at Avila. On Sunday we went sailing, came back to our room at 6pm our shoes were out of the closet, the room safe was open and our passports, jewelery, money, house keys gone. Went to the desk in a panic to call the police, manager comes out and says here is your valuables "is there anything else i can do for you". We felt violated and betrayed thinking that something has happened with our personal information. Lame excuse that they had the wrong room and drilled out the lock of the room safe. Beware the room keys have the room numbers on them so don't loose your key. After the panic had dinner, ordered shrimp pasta which was laced with pork - i'm very allergic to pork it was not on the menu. Hotel needs a facelift and management lift. Although we paid for the 4 more days in advance we drove to the Floris Hotel where we were greeted with the gay flag and a glass of champagne. Had 4 wonderful nights in Floris. In our option Avila is not a gay friendly hotel - lots of attitude and a feeling of violation. Glad we went to Floris for our 8th wedding anniversary.